Part of the reason we like to highlight our clients is to share the range of professionals that we work with. So many of our clients are superstars in their field, but often it’s a profession we weren’t 100% familiar with until we started working with them. Part of our job is to quickly understand their business, their challenges and the ways in which we can help them most efficiently improve their own company.

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One of those companies is AttorneySync, a team of attorney marketing experts based in Chicago. They specialize in transparent and accountable online legal marketing help. While much of what they do is related to a traditional digital marketing agency, the fact that they focus on promoting attorneys is notable. Working with lawyers to meet their client development goals, AttorneySync leverages their team of designers, developers, strategists, writers, search specialists and more.

We started working with AttorneySync this year and dove in to find a rich and layered system by which their team communicated with their own clients. A primary goal was to implement and review key performance analytics – this way we could help them better identify their workflow and outcomes. From there we could use this data for improved budgeting and job costing.

Working with this team has proven again that talented people can do powerful things! Taking the time to analyze challenges and pinpoint solutions with an accounting team can make your company more organized, more profitable and dare we say – more fun? Well, we think so at least. Accounting doesn’t have to be a drag, and we think our clients would agree.