Say hello to our Human Resources Director, Heather Schultz. She is responsible for a lot of important parts of Accountfully. In short, (sort of) items like all recruitment initiatives and onboarding of new hires, wellness and volunteer opportunities, performance management, employee culture and morale, rewards and recognition, compensation and benefits, and general office management. So if you work at Accountfully, she is your person - from the beginning, to being your fan when you do well, to supporting your participation in our exciting initiatives, like our most recent wellness initiative in progress now; the Step It Up Challenge.

meet Heather

This is a rarity as far as our spotlights are concerned too. Heather is one of the few professionals of ours without an accounting background. Just because her title isn't accountant or bookkeeper, or similar, she's no less interesting.

On that note, let’s learn a bit about Heather behind the scenes:

Heather’s favorite part of working for Accountfully: Hands down, it is the amazing people who work at the firm! We have some fun-loving and talented team members who make the work environment and culture feel more like a family. We truly enjoy spending time together inside and outside of the office

First job: Worked retail at The Limited when I was 17 years old. Most of my paycheck probably went to buy clothing with my store discount ;)

Makes Heather laugh the most: My kids. They have a great sense of humor, and zest for life.

Heather’s spirit animal: Hawk. The hawk spirit guide represents perspective and the ability to see things from all sides. It is extremely compassionate and empathetic.

If you are looking into a new career that fits the bill for our job openings, Heather is your person - you can see any openings on our career page

If you are a business owner looking for your own outsourced pro team, you can thank Heather for her keen sense of finding the right personnel that fit our unique requirements.  When you are ready, to het started, you can shoot us the details on our get started page.

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