Meet Kortney

Kortney Holtzhower is an accounting manager and leads the onboarding department at Accountfully.

First Job: Dairy Queen, age 14. We shared uniforms and I usually got stuck with the XL covered in yesterday’s ice cream. Very glamorous.

Favorite Way to Unwind After a Long Day: I love to go on a walk with my little family and bump into neighbors along the way, followed by a solid hour of Bravo TV and entire bag of popcorn.

Best Part of Working at Accountfully: Accountfully fosters innovation by encouraging the unique gifts and skill sets of each individual employee. I’m challenged to take risks, be creative, think outside the box. I love coming to work every day because I know I’ll learn something new from my team members and we’ll get to make something better - together.

Kortney’s Hero: My grandmother, Joey. She is who I aspire to be. She is wise, funny, independent, faith-filled, kind, a hard worker, and the strongest person I know. Even at 87, she knows how to work Instagram better than I do. She refuses to be called grandma because she’s so cool, so we call her Joey.

What Makes Kortney Laugh the Most: My group of four best friends that I’ve had since elementary school. We can just look at each other and burst out in laughter.

Go-to Karaoke Song: Thriller - Michael Jackson, so I could also do the dance moves to distract from my horrible singing voice.

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