Employee Spotlight

Nate is a senior accountant at Accountfully’s Nashville office. He has a great appreciation for the health benefits of dill pickles and is an avid sports enthusiast. Even though he may be known as the “Golden Boy”, it’s not for his soft serve ice cream serving skills. He still struggles with a well formed swirl, even though he’s had plenty of practice. We don’t hold it against him though, because he is an excellent senior accountant.

First Job: I was an ice cream scooper at a dairy restaurant. It was a perfect job since I could eat all the ice cream I wanted at 16 years old and there were rarely customers that came by. My soft-serve twisting skills were always mediocre at best though.

Proudest Work-Related Accomplishment: A while back I got my CMA [Certified Management Accountant] certification and that was a good challenge and learned a lot.

Favorite Part of Working for Accountfully: I love being able to play a part and be the CFO of many different startups and small businesses. Business has always been interesting to me so it is cool to see and be a part of many of them. I am always learning new things each month, unlike many of the other accounting jobs that I have had in the past.

Nicknames: The Golden Boy, Natedogg, Ndizzle, Nasty Nate (for my prowess in sports and schooling upperclassmen in gym class...).

Where Nate Would Go In A Time Machine: College years were a lot of fun. Great friends to hang out with and play pickup sports with often. I had little responsibility and plenty of time for fun and adventure.

What The World Needs to Know: Pickles are delicious. They are amongst the most underrated of snacks out there. They are also quite healthy (dill). I sometimes go through a jar of pickles in a week.

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