Our senior accountant, Susan is very much like the other rock star accounting and bookkeeping pros at Accountfully. Like most, she comes from a different background than you may think when you think “accountant”. Let's just say her dog bathing skills and her ability to manage bees without fear pale in comparison to her sharpness when it comes to wrangling 1099s in January.

Employee Spotlight - Susan

Check out some cool facts about Susan Brown:

Role at Accountfully: Senior Accountant.

First Job: Worked at a dog kennel. She, in her words, “has bathed more dogs than I ever thought I would in a lifetime.”

How Susan Likes to Unwind After a Long Day: Susan takes her dog, Scout on a neighborhood stroll, then sits on the front porch and visits with the neighbors.

Favorite Part About Working at Accountfully: “I have really really cool coworkers!”

Recent Work Accomplishment She is Proud of: In January, Susan was given the “Key Contributor Award” - an internal recognition of employees that go above and beyond to get the job done. She was recognized for her hustle in getting 1099’s dialed in and submitted on time for clients. Chris Simon (Accounting Director - read more about him here) said of Susan’s contributions, “we wouldn’t have been able to get through 1099s without her efforts.”

If Susan Could Go Back in Time: She would go to when there were dinosaurs. Jurassic Park, anyone?

What She is Singing at Karaoke Night: “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi. “Who doesn't enjoy singing that one?”, says Susan.

Susan’s Hero: “My grandmother Brown. She was the strongest, caring, and most loving woman that there ever has been.”


If you need someone to hustle for your business with a top notch accountant like Susan on your side, let us know how we can help. Tell us the details about your business and we will see how outsourcing your accounting could be a great fit.

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