Now is a time of significant growth within the company and we have quite a few positions available.  If you are looking for a change of pace in the accounting world, we have what you need; an upbeat, casual environment with great people and clients.  Let us remind you of our top reasons you should consider Accountfully in your career goals.

Reasons You Want to Work Here

1.  The People


We’ll start with the most obvious.  The top response when we ask our team members why they like working at Accountfully is simply the people.  This includes the eclectic group of both coworkers and clients that interact with each other regularly. With such a cool bunch of people and so many talents interacting, it is a constant learning process.

Maureen Sherry, Senior Accountant in the Charleston office says, “Everyone’s unique background creates an awesome learning environment. I love that I can learn something from literally everyone."


2.  The Work Environment

One of the top reasons behind the unique culture of our outsourced accounting firm was to undo the classic accountant work environment.  If you want 80 hour weeks and a closet full of uncomfortable suits and ties, you may want to move on to a more classic firm. 

If you want to use that high dollar degree and flex your CPA muscles in an environment that appreciates a work life balance and some down time, you are set.  


3.  The Clients

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This may seem a touch redundant, but it’s worth mentioning the clients that our team works with each day again.  We are a modern accounting firm with equally modern companies leveraging our services.  These are companies with cool stories, products, and goals.  One of the best parts about interacting with Accountfully clients is being part of seeing their business goals take shape. 

Michael Bourke, Accounting Manager and head of our Inventory department nailed it when he said;  "Helping clients grow and evolve over our time working together, and providing the data and guidance to continue that growth."


4.  The Play Time

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It’s no secret that we make happy hour a quarterly priority, but that’s because we work hard too. It is taking the time to recharge together as coworkers and colleagues that really keeps the team across both the Charleston and Nashville offices in sync.  Having the opportunity to wind down makes a huge difference in motivation. And guess what? No one is forcing the team to hang out, we truly enjoy each other's company.

Staff Accountant Katie Earle says of the hard working, hard playing team, "when not working our butts off, we also know how to have a little fun 😀


Convinced Already?  Start Here.

We hope this high level overview of why our team enjoys working with us helps a bit.  In the meantime, you can learn more about your potential team members by cruising through our employee spotlights. Take a wander on over to our careers page to see the latest openings too. 

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