Corbeaux Clothing was founded by professional skier husband and wife duo Adam Moszynski and Darcy Conover.  As sponsored athletes in Colorado, they’ve had plenty of experience testing various types of cold weather gear.  Unfortunately, most of it was uncomfortable and unpleasant (i.e, stinky and sweaty), not to mention, itchy.  Full of determination and seeking a higher standard for themselves and their colleagues, Adam and Darcy created Corbeaux Clothing to provide the mountain sport and athletic world a better product.  We sat down recently with Darcy, who gave us the inside scoop on their company.

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Why and How Corbeaux Was Created

Corbeaux was founded in 2014 for pro-skiers/mountaineers by husband and wife team, Adam Moszynski and Darcy Conover.  Finding Merino wool base layers too itchy, they had a personal need for better functioning, better fitting synthetic base layers.  After spending over 10 years in the industry working with many of the large brands, they set out to make their own layers.


Founder Background Story

MPIV9665Neither founder had previous fashion or business experience, but what they do bring to the table is plenty of grit!  Darcy and Adam had been climbing and skiing partners for over ten years, and knew the ins and outs of both the market and each other's strengths and weaknesses as teammates.  They design and test the gear themselves along with a team of professional athletes in Aspen, Colorado.  The feeling of authenticity runs through the brand because they are developed in the field by the end user.


What Makes Corbeaux Different

The products are designed and tested by the people that actually use them; athletes in Aspen, CO.  They are also made in the USA from sustainable materials.  Corbeaux only uses synthetic fabrics made from recycled plastics and sources as much as they can from the US too. 

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Co-Founder Darcy says, “We focus on function, but also on style, since we wear these layers everyday too!  Authenticity is key.”

Although the company started with base layers, their current collections have branched out to include general athletic / workout apparel and active lifestyle apparel.


When It Became Time to Outsource the Accounting of the Business

Darcy explains how they handled the finances from the start:  “From day one we outsourced our accounting to a part time bookkeeper.  Once we brought in outside investors, we knew we had to step it up to something more sophisticated - we needed someone more dedicated to provide more detailed reporting and support.”

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How Outsourcing The Accounting Helps the Business

seeker-hoody-plum-stripe-lifestyle-cabin-doorwayDarcy goes on to explain the time saver Accountfully is for her and Adam.  “Most importantly, it saves me and Adam time to focus on the big picture and growing the business.  Having expert help also provides us with a confidence in the numbers we wouldn't have otherwise.”  


What’s On The Radar For Corbeaux

Now is the time to save on winter wear, so stock up for next year during the End of Winter Sale:  up to 40% OFF at

Spring Collection is dropping soon!  Stay tuned for more information and make sure to follow them on social media and sign up for email updates.


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