Meet one of our Nashville office senior accountants, Daniel. He is the go to systems man, when it comes to new clients needing to be aligned with Accountfully’s favorite tools.   He can sing a mean Barry Manilow, and is no stranger to working for modern companies with “outsourced” in their name.  Let’s dig in and learn more about Mr. Horowitz, shall we?

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Role at Accountfully:  Senior Accountant of the onboarding department.  I deal with all new clients and help get them set up on Accountfully's systems and establish weekly and month end processes before handing off to the recurring team.  I also clean up their historical financial statements as needed.

First Job:  Staff accountant at PMC (Parking Management Company) - which was a big valet company that provided outsourced parking solutions to hotels, hospitals, restaurants, etc.

Favorite Way to Unwind After a Busy Day:  I usually try to go for a run (weather permitting) after work and I love listening to music at home, and enjoying a bourbon on the rocks.  In the summer when the days are longer, and if I have time, I like to play golf after work as well.

Favorite Part of Working at Accountfully:  I really like how modern of a company it is - from the cloud based programs to the promotion of work/life balance.  It's refreshing to be in a work environment that is both current and progressive in terms of the tools and resources we have at our disposal.

Daniel’s Hero:  Definitely my mother.  She's as resilient as they come and incredibly kind in nature.

Go to Karaoke Song:  I've got a running joke with my friends and any time we are somewhere with Karaoke, they sign me up to sing CopaCabana by Barry Manilow without me knowing. 

If He Could Go Back in Time:  I'd go back to the beginning of 2020 and prevent COVID.

Being one of the key players on Accountfully’s onboarding team, you will likely get to work with Daniel as a new client.  He will help your business get lined up with all of our tools, seamlessly.  If that sounds like a good plan, we’d love to get started.  Head over here to give us the rundown on what you need, and we will go from there.

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