If you’re reading this now, you are witnessing some of the work of Accountfully’s sales and marketing team.  The Marketing Department plays a vital role in promoting Accountfully’s services and benefits to the modern small business community.  We are a small, but mighty trio that lead and implement the marketing strategy of Accountfully; from writing and sharing all of our content, to talking to potential clients about our services.  Meet the team that is behind the scenes, showing our followers a glimpse of the inner workings of outsourced accounting.

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Department Mission:  To deliver Accountfully’s brand message both externally and internally, and align modern brands with Accountfully’s services.  We reach out to and support the modern small business community with functional, easy to understand accounting content and engaging experiences that show outsourced accounting as a source of business growth, not drudgery.  

Department Responsibilities: 

  • Content Creation and Distribution: we create content that is easy to understand and actually helpful.  This ranges from our weekly blog posts and emails, to our podcast, to webinars, eBook, guides and social media groups and FAQs.  Most of these items are housed on the resources page.  This is a never ending sharing of all things accounting and a way to educate our current and potential customers  on what small businesses should be aware of, and ways Accountfully can help.

  • Social Media Management:  another aspect of content is our social media pages, but it is its own responsibility.  Here, we spread the word about our resources as well as the inner workings of Accountfully life and culture.  We post and monitor across the major players like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Medium, YouTube, Reddit, and Google Pages.  We also have various groups, called the Accountfully Alliance for CPG businesses, a Careers spotlight page on LinkedIn, and an FAQ live stream series, called Making Cents.

  • Campaign Management for Marketing Initiatives:  we develop initiatives and deliver the materials needed when we want to support the sales cycle and spread the Accountfully message to specific audiences, whether it be service-based businesses, CPG, or more local, general business markets (Charleston or Nashville focused areas, for example).  This will range from delivering industry specific collateral needed for promotion, to writing case studies, to attending local events, to speaking as an expert guest.  We are always identifying the right outlets to promote our services and brand, then assessing ROI on each campaign through monitoring feedback and KPIs.

  • Website and SEO management:  keeping web content current, while also working to ensure our site comes up quickly when someone searches for us is the name of the game.  The marketing team is hands on when it comes to website design and layout.  We manage our website vendor that helps with the backend, and provide basic updates as needed. Each month, we monitor monthly analytics surrounding key words, website traffic and conversion to optimize its value.

  • Producing internal communications:  just as important as external branding, is internal branding.  We manage all email signatures through a centralized App, produce any team related graphic design for events, company documents and presentations, and create on-brand templates to ensure each employee is sending a consistent message.  We also produce a monthly internal newsletter that recaps what we have done as a company and any internal team and administrative updates - all with that signature Accountfully flair.

  • Managing customer leads, and fielding sales calls:  our CRM program is the lifeblood of managing leads and contacts.   Here, we ensure we are reaching all current and potential customers with tailored content via email.  We schedule and carry out initial calls with prospects to help them find the right fit of service level to their specific needs.  We will also customize any collateral needed to help educate prospects in an easy to digest, on-brand fashion.

  • Client experience support:  the marketing team supports operations by providing insight, and materials used to support the overall client experience.  This ranges from email communications, to surveys, to internal training to ensure our clients are getting the best of us throughout the entire process; from new client onboarding, to long standing relationship maintenance.

  • Serving as media liaison and managing strategic partnerships:  most of our media touch points are through digital means, but we do communicate regularly with strategic partners that want to collaborate on content to reach similar audiences.  On the more “classic” PR side, we field any outside media requests, attend trade shows, and produce press releases as needed.

  • Photography, graphic design and copywriting:  the majority of our photos are taken in house.  We are also hands on when it comes to any graphic design or copywriting used on the website, social media, or on various listing sites and collateral.

Systems, Tools and Methods Used:  As you can see from the large list above, we are very hands on, which means we rely on a few key tools and systems to make our work more efficient:

  • Website, chat, landing pages, and blog: Webflow, HubSpot
  • Email, contact forms, and CRM:  HubSpot
  • Centralized Email signature management:  WiseStamp
  • Graphic design and layoutCanva, and Adobe Design Suite
  • Analytics and social media posting:  SEM Rush, Google Analytics, HubSpot
  • Podcast and video editing:  Buzzsprout, YouTube, PlaceIt and iMovie

We also use proprietary in-house designed content planners and social media trackers to map out our plans for content and focus on quarterly customer reach objectives.  Our general content planner shows the year in quarterly segments that map out client types, locale focuses, alongside major projects and initiatives.

Department Team Member Overview:

  • Brad Ebenhoeh is the Managing Partner of Accountfully, master subject matter expert, and the department lead.  His wealth of accounting knowledge and intimate understanding of Accountfully’s services (it is his company, after all) make him the ideal point of contact for sales calls and the star company representative for speaking events and guest spots.  He also hosts our podcast, and reviews content for accuracy.  He monitors the pulse of client and prospect needs, as it pertains to content, services, and collateral.

  • Claire Pelton is the Marketing doer.  She works alongside Brad to map out and execute the sales and marketing strategy.  This ranges from planning and strategy, to graphic design, video editing, and content creation. She manages marketing vendors and reports trends and reviews analytics as needed.

  • Laura Bruns provides marketing support and creative direction.  She provides photography, and supports social media and internal content projects.  The team relies on her keen sense of design and style when it comes to creating new collateral or designs.  She is also a staff accountant in the Charleston office, and provides most of the internal updates and insight to use in company communications.

Team Member Bios

Each member of the team brings unique and diverse experience to the table; both professionally and personally.  Here are the highlights of each Marketing Department member's background.

Brad Ebenhoeh

Sep 2021 HeadshotsBrad is the Managing Partner of Accountfully and co-founded the company with wife, Meredith.  Both Brad and Meredith spent many years in the classic accounting role that led them to redefine the industry in 2012.  Enter Accountfully; a new approach to accounting and the lifestyle it encompasses.  Leveraging technology and having a work life balance have always been at the top of the list for the firm, and it has offered both an impressive company culture for the team, and room for great client support with burnout minimized.  Since the founding of the company, Brad has proven to his clients that their accounting team can be fresh, knowledgeable and modern, like the client companies they support.  It is the client interaction that he credits as his favorite part of working at Accountfully.  

“Dealing with the most interesting, intelligent clients day-in and day-out is my favorite part.”

Don’t let all of this “modern” and “redefining” talk make you think he doesn’t come armed with the

Meredith, Brad, Smith + Crosbi - Disney

 classic skills and experience.  Brad holds a BA from Michigan State University in Accounting and a Masters of Science in Accounting from Michigan State’s Eli Broad School of Management, as well as a CPA.  His previous professional experience includes multiple CFO level roles that led the financial strategy of large companies and focused on improving and managing systems, as well as project implementation.  His knack for streamlining complicated processes using efficient technology, and implementing projects inline with client/end user needs in mind, make him a perfect combo of finance expert and sales lead.  Brad knows what he can bring to the table for clients in search of an accounting solution to meet their goals.

Business talk aside, Brad lives in Sullivan’s Island and enjoys cruising on the island on his golf cart, and wrangling his twins with his wife.  

Claire Pelton

ClaireClaire Pelton is formally trained in communications and journalism and holds certificates in project management from GA Southern University and Inclusive Recreation for Wounded Warriors from Penn State.  Her background is diverse, eclectic and unique to say the least.  She is a long time entrepreneur and nationally recognized professional equestrian competitor and coach.  Her intimate knowledge of running a small business lends itself well to crafting Accountfully content for the right audience.  She knows our client’s challenges, because she’s lived it.

Claire has provided content and writing for a variety of niches; from automotive to geopolitics.  She started in the automotive industry working under the tutelage of the International Editor of Road and Track Magazine, where she track-tested vehicles and wrote articles on off-road races.  She later became involved in writing content and gathering news articles on the war in Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia events, supporting intelligence initiatives and providing on the ground intel and news to various website subscribers. 

In 2013, she worked for Gulfstream, alongside the Director of Global Security, where she wrote andgulfstreamG550 shot implemented standardized security training enterprise-wide and created internal communications between major departments to support security initiatives at air shows, overseas sales, and executive level security support.  She holds multiple corporate flight (from FlightSafety) and Emergency Management certifications in support of international security programs. 

Her work in the DoD, corporate, and private sectors, give her the well-rounded perspective to manage campaigns and teams on a holistic level.  Much of her recent lessons learned come from her role as Director of Sales and Marketing for a mid tech knife company, DPx Gear.  Her creativity in promoting a product not well received by classic advertising channels, honed her marketing flexibility.  She also credits leading a successful Kickstarter campaign to launch the company’s first American made folding knife.  A first for Kickstarter (and the knife industry) at the time.

“You can’t advertise a pocket knife through most major social media channels or advertising venues; it’s considered a weapon.  You need to maximize reach through industry influencers, and more classic marketing areas, like press releases and email campaigns.  Being able to grow the company despite these challenges has given me an even better understanding of how to best utilize our marketing efforts with little ad spend and focus more on customer communication.”

Outside of the many entrepreneurial pursuits that keep Claire busy, she enjoys spending her limited free time travelling, adding to her vinyl album collection, and fixing up her old high school vehicle - a 1973 Land Rover that she recently hunted down and re-acquired after over 20 years.  


Laura Bruns

LauraLaura brings a perfect combination of marketing, design, and accounting experience to the team.  She has been with Accountfully since 2017 and knows the ins and outs of being on the accountant’s side of the table.  Her previous experience is in publishing, where she worked for a publisher wearing multiple hats—acquiring new titles and guiding authors through the book writing process, coordinating and editing titles being reprinted, designing covers, and editing photos. 

Laura grew up in Virginia and holds a BS in Marketing and Real Estate from the University of South Carolina (go Gamecocks!).  Working in publishing taught her a lot, and prepped her for her role with Accountfully.

Laura and Basset Hounds

“I ended up trading letters for numbers, but learned all about attention to detail, author/client service, and how to creatively solve problems.”

When she isn't making great content for the team and keeping client books up to spec, Laura can be found at a power yoga class, seeking out various adventures, or spending time with her bonded pair of foster-failed Basset Hounds, Boomer and Flash.  She enjoys beach picnics, antique hunting, and loves floral design, with her favorite flower being the Garden Rose.  Read her full spotlight, here.

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