Meet Matthew, our Nashville based inventory pro.  It’s been a while since we’ve dabbled in our eclectic Nashville accounting team, but Matt does not disappoint.  This is the guy you want spotting you at the gym and advising you on your multi channel sales strategy for your booming eCommerce business.  He’s also a beard growth and management champion.  Let’s get to know our Nashville Matt a bit more!

meet Matt

What Matt Does at Accountfully:  Matt is a Senior Inventory Cost Accountant based in the Nashville office.  He handles everything from inventory recurring work for clients, to consulting, to inventory system implementation.  You can read more about his inventory specific team and role, on the inventory department spotlight here.


First job: Drying cars at a car wash.


Favorite way to unwind after a busy day: Heading to the gym for some iron therapy.


Favorite part of working at Accountfully: The team culture and focus on work/life balance.


Go-to song on Karaoke night: Tiny Dancer.


If he were an animal, Matt would be:  A Lion.  He’s the King of the Jungle and have you seen the beard?


What Matt wants the world to know:  “With [a] great beard, comes great responsibility.”


• • •

Does Matt sound like the kind of inventory pro you want helping your business?  We thought so too.  Tell us more about what you are looking for, and we will happily chat about how Accountfully can help your unique situation.

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