Nice Commerce is exactly what you think it is: a nice(r) way to facilitate commerce.  Burned out and disappointed with the classic ways of the typical 3PL provider, Founder Gray Anderson decided to make a change.  A change that would support fellow eCommerce entrepreneurs like him.  He created a 3PL that handled shipping and inventory tracking with a personal touch, minus the unnecessary fees, like shrinkage.  His first clients included a few of his own eComm ventures, but soon grew to support many local Charleston, SC businesses.  

Let’s dive into the inner workings of this better way of doing commerce and see what exciting plans it has for the future.


Who created the company and why:

Nice Commerce was founded in 2018 Gray Anderson, in response to a fulfillment search for his own brand ventures.  It was evident at the time that partner-centric fulfillment businesses with a focus on growth were not readily available, and that this approach was desperately needed.  


Gray shares the ins and outs of starting and running a better 3PL.

“I was in the same position as most brands when I started Nice Commerce, as I’d been growing my own eCommerce brands and consulting for other brands for almost 10 years. I was fed up with working with 3PL partners who just didn’t give a damn about anything other than taking money and moving pallets - something that doesn’t mesh with how eCommerce businesses operate. Working on the Marketing and Ops side of eComm brands you build a sense of ownership, even as a partner, and I wasn’t getting that from any 3PL/4PL service we were vetting or currently working with.


And, because I’m nerdy for all process-related things, I kept thinking of ways these partners could do things better. From Day One, we’ve been all about doing everything differently, so that we’re less of a fulfillment partner, and more a company that brands can lean into for whatever they need to grow, become more efficient, and prepare for even further growth.”


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Founder Background:

For the last 10 years, Gray has worked with over 75 eCommerce brands of all sizes (including a few of his own) to become more efficient, bigger, and, ultimately, more profitable. Gray is both the founder of Nice Commerce and a partner/client - with four of his eCommerce brands currently using Nice Commerce services.


What makes Nice Commerce different:

Gray says rather than just another number on the shelves, Nice Commerce brand partners are empowered by the tools and resources they provide through eCommerce experts - allowing them to exceed their expectations and goals. 


“We would not be able to do this without our team.  This industry changes like the tides, so being aware of that and embracing that fluidity is key. Not all people can thrive in that environment of constant change. We document all standard operating procedures religiously, and constantly work to improve or change them. It isn’t easy  to write a process in detail, knowing all along that you will need to change it in the very near future, but our team tackles that head-on.


We would not be here today if our staff was not playing a key role in what we are trying to build, and we are very aware of how fortunate we are for the team we have brought together.”


When did it become time to outsource your accounting?

When the company started growing at a rapid pace, the team knew it was time to outsource the accounting function.

How Outsourcing Accounting Helps the Business:

“Peace of mind. Knowing that our accounting is handled by the best-in-class takes stress and pressure away from us. Additionally, that high-level partnership positively impacts the brand partners with which we work.”

What’s In The Works For Nice Commerce:

Nice Commerce is looking forward to growing their service offerings next year, as well as expanding their locations outside of the Charleston area. They are currently exploring options and locations for a second warehouse.

Want to join the Nice Commerce team?  They are hiring both full-time and seasonal support (that will likely lead to full-time). 

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Looking for a Better 3PL Option for your business?  Check out Nice Commerce.

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