Corey Northcutt - founder and CEO of Northcutt, delivers ever-growing streams of leads and sales for enterprise, eCommerce, and cloud service brand clients.  Ironically, even after all of his success, he wasn’t originally open to providing SEO services to clients in general. All of that changed when he started the company in 2011, as he says “by accident”. After referrals started rolling and the business grew, it is now something he truly enjoys. Northcutt is reinventing how SEO happens at scale for lots of happy clients. We have your inside scoop on Northcutt and its founder in the details to follow.

Northcutt spotlight

Who created the company and why?

Corey founded Northcutt in 2011 by accident.  In his words he says, “I never wanted to do SEO for anybody else, but I ended up liking helping a few competitors and mentors from my past business, and referrals started coming from every direction before I knew it.  Eventually, I ended up really liking it.”


Founder’s Background:

Corey built and sold a conglomerate of web hosting / telecom brands, one of which he sold back to his business partners.  They then exited a few years down the line, selling to Leaseweb USA.  


Northcutt’s website explains the most recent venture well:


Northcutt’s founder bootstrapped Ubiquity: a managed services conglomerate that was acquired by Leaseweb USA in 2016. The system that helped Ubiquity repaint Google without funding was noticed and sought after. Dozens of proven SEO specialists now operate the premier SEO agency for sustaining the most competitive, international search results. We've broadened our focus to include eCommerce and the evolution of cloud services. We've refined our system to work exceptionally well on an enterprise scale. No matter the industry, our focus on achieving and maintaining number one results for the most competitive search terms remain the same.


What makes the services different:

Science, expertise, and integrity.  There are no shortcuts at Northcutt.  As Corey puts it, “We're insanely transparent about this on our website, but in short, we're not just running some pre-packaged junk that centers around a couple of third party tools like 98% of our industry.  We fact-checked every ranking factor and built our own proprietary auditing framework, which is enormous.”


When It Became Time to Outsource Northcutt’s Accounting:

Corey says he was hesitant at first.  “I was hesitant to let go, honestly.  It wasn't a time sink for me, but only because I was only automating a simple P&L on Outright (now GoDaddy Bookkeeping).  I first took the plunge on a different provider that was really just a front for some UpWork people.  Quality wasn't there and that drove us to move to Accountfully and do things right.”


How Outsourcing Helps the Business:

Basically, it lets Corey focus more attention on his core business.  He says, “It's quite a few less hats for me to wear.  There was a lot to simplify and build SOPs around at first, but ever since then, it's freed me up to focus on our core business.”


What’s on the Radar for Northcutt:

The biggest news is they just celebrated their 10 year anniversary.


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If Northcutt's situation is sounding a bit like you, Accountfully can help.  We operate nationwide, with offices in Charleston, SC and Nashville, TN.  Take a sec to tell us about your business, and we will gladly chat about how outsourcing your accounting can help.  

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