Healthy Upgrades on Classic Tastes Kids Love

Plant Camp has made hiding veggies in kid friendly foods easy, because they did it for you.  Plant Camp is for the parents that wish they could get their kids to eat their veggies without a fight.  They answer the call with nutrient dense Mac and Cheese combos, where veggies “camp out” and gluten does not exist.  We sat down with the founders Angela and Heidi to dive into the details behind the brand and learn about some exciting future plans in the works.

Plant Camp + Accountfully

Who created the company and why? Plant Camp was created by co-founders Angela Hein and Heidi Brown. Friends since high school and now busy, working moms, we found ourselves tired of always fighting our kids to eat more vegetables. Our kids loved eating mac & cheese, and we were both adept at sneaking vegetables in our kids' meals, so we decided to hide vegetables in mac and cheese too! We thought that other exhausted parents like us would appreciate a better option than the box of mac & cheese they were used to serving their kids, especially on long days when they just don't want to cook another meal. 

Simple background on the founders:  We grew up in Kansas, and we have been friends since high school sharing lots of experiences together including camping, traveling, making mischief, launching businesses, raising babies, and a shared love of entrepreneurship. 

Angela has over 10 years experience in consumer packaged goods, she was previously Executive Vice President of sales, marketing and innovation at a mid-sized CPG company before founding and scaling her own brand. 

Heidi has a clinical background and worked as a Doctor of Audiology for several years before turning her interest towards sales, marketing, and business development in the medical device industry. 

PLANT-CAMP_BROWNS_004 1What makes the product(s) different? Plant Camp mac and cheese looks, cooks, and tastes like your old favorite blue box or bunny box mac and cheese, but our pasta is made from organic carrot and pea protein, and our cheese delivers nutrients from broccoli, spinach, sweet potatoes, maitake mushrooms, and sunflower seeds. We serve up a whole lot of goodness in every bite, and the children never know it! It's also gluten free without tasting gluten free.

How does outsourcing your accounting help the business/ when did it become time to outsource your accounting?  Because of Angela's experience owning and operating a CPG company, she knew the importance of getting accounting done right, instead of dealing with the headache of doing it herself. We looked at several accounting firms and decided to work with Accountfully from the very beginning of our new startup because they have extensive experience working with CPG companies. We've been very pleased with their organized, team approach, clear-cut accounting style, and effective communication. We know we're in good hands.

PLANT-CAMP_BROWNS_010What’s on the radar for Plant Camp:  Plant Camp isn't just a mac and cheese company, rather we're a hidden veggie company! We have several more products coming soon, including vegan options. Our goal is to make shelf stable foods kids love, healthier and with hidden veggies. Kids love Plant Camp foods and busy moms and dads get to avoid the veggie fight, so everyone is a happy camper.

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