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Delicious, Protein Packed All Natural Soup • Est 2019

Back in the day, when it was said that “Chicken Noodle Soup is good for the soul”, it was actually quite true. Soup in the classic sense meant taking advantage of all the minerals and protein boiled from the bones of the Chicken - aka - true bone broth. Today’s overly processed, salt-laden soups are a far cry from that soulful, healing broth.

Fear not, David Crooch, founder and CEO of Parks and Nash is putting the healing back in soup. Meet our client who serves up convenient, great tasting and (most importantly) healthy bone broth soups. Read on to learn how the company was founded and how they are doing great things in the health food industry.

The Founder of Parks and Nash: David Crooch is Getting Back to Grandma’s Soup

David Crooch is the Founder and CEO of Parks & Nash. Remember grandma's chicken noodle soup? Her soup was rich in bone broth and had tremendous healing properties. Unfortunately, today's soup has departed from being "food as medicine". David set out to change that. Parks & Nash instant bone broth soups are full of collagen protein, vegetables, flavor and offer the convenience needed to satisfy the modern-day consumer.

As a physical therapist, David witnessed the tremendous healing benefits of bone broth. Drawing inspiration from his 11 family farms, David set-out to create a better-for-you meal (or hearty snack) using only the highest quality ingredients. Parks & Nash bone broth soups are gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO and delicious.

How This Bone Broth Soup is Different (Hint: It’s Healthy and Convenient)

Parks & Nash is a convenient meal (or hearty snack) in a cup. Their instant bone broth soups offer 20+ grams of protein, a clean label, and easy preparation. Plus, all the benefits of bone broth: reduced inflammation, gut health, immunity support, stronger hair/skin/nails, etc.

How Accountfully Helps Parks and Nash

David knew that the right partner on the numbers side of a small, but growing business was key. Crooch says of Accountfully, “As a fast-growing business, we need top-notch council and flexibility as we scale. Outsourcing accounting through Accountfully gives us the opportunity to have both.”

Learn More About Parks and Nash

It’s safe to say this company’s product has caught on. They are already in over 4,000 stores and less than a year old!

Flavors include: Coconut Thai, Tuscan Vegetable, Spicy Chili, Tomato Basil, and Southwest Vegetable.

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Where You Can Find Parks and Nash

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