Accountfully’s Managing Partner, Brad Ebenhoeh was a guest on Gene Hammett’s podcast, Growth Think Tank.  Gene interviews business leaders in an effort to serve other aspiring leaders on their journey of growth and significance with their work.  This episode focuses on ways Accountfully attracts and develops talent as a fast growing company.  Here is your recap and glimpse into our unique business culture behind the scenes.

podcast recap - hiring and developing talent


Aligning Recruiting With Your Business Values

Brad explains it’s the modern culture of Accountfully that attracts talented professionals.  Accountants who are no longer interested in working the classic big four hours and navigating the ups and downs of busy seasons and 60 hour work weeks.  Accountfully was founded on the ideals of offering a modern accounting solution without neglecting work life balance - we believe people are greater than numbers.  Our peek into our unique culture is shown in our employee and department spotlights, and our active social media presence sharing company events and happenings.  A prospective employee will be able to picture our workplace and assess the potential of it being a good fit before applying.  

While we follow a flexible in person policy, we still benefit greatly from the in office interface at our offices in Charleston, SC and Nashville, TN.  It helps that both locales are growing themselves; offering a quality pool of candidates seeking a long term career fit in the area.


Onboarding of New Talent

Our process is very task oriented and in depth, but it provides multiple layers of immersion into Accountfully best practices that give new hires a solid start.  Brad explains the typical steps in the first month of onboarding a new employee.  From Manager checks-ins every day, to having New Hire Buddies that can answer the simple questions of the day-to-day.  Team members also have the account team to collaborate with for each new client they are assigned to.  This helps them learn each client's business and other aspects of the company culture from an additional set of viewpoints.  By month three, they have been exposed to many layers of the process and better understand how to be successful at Accountfully.  Brad says this makes them feel connected to the work they do, and the people they do it with.  Once an employee is up and running, they are left to do their work and are not micromanaged.  If they need help, they know that their manager’s door is always open.


While the onboarding process has been refined over the years, Accountfully’s classic open door policy and yearly feedback reviews have been mainstays.  Brad thinks that one of the most important things that foster the good data is the relaxed and collaborative communication from leadership.  Because there is trust across all staff classes, yearly data points come from an honest place.


Coaching and Developing Employees

For the ongoing development of talent, Brad explains the initial desire to have a blanket approach is tempting, but doesn’t work.  Each employee learns and evolves differently, and they need to be set up for success.  Understanding how people learn helps managers learn to listen to the needs of their team members, which also creates and develops trust.  In the end, employee engagement and feedback is more functional, with honest, open dialogue happening.


Brad mentions that he (and his management team) approaches mistakes with empathy.  The work Accountfully does is very sensitive.  We handle a company’s money, pay bills, payroll, etc.  When something does happen, the focus is on moving forward and learning from the mistake.  The fancy term for this is providing a sense of psychological safety.  When protocols can be put in place to avoid the same mistake, an employee can be confident that they can communicate and move forward. This nurtures and grows the relationship and does not erode trust.


Leadership Opportunities For Improvement

In the final conversation point, Brad and Gene discuss the plan for Brad personally as the company continues to grow.  Accountfully is now a three time Inc. 5000 company and has exceeded 50 employees even since the interview was recorded.  As we navigate the ups and downs of growth, Brad has taken on an even more strategic role as Managing Partner.  He shares that as he is less in the daily tasks, he needs to be even more empathetic and understand the reasons behind actions - positive or negative.  This applies to both clients and employees.  His role requires even more communication and listening.  He now takes the challenges from a different perspective, with developing functional solutions as an end goal.  With even more open dialogue (and ears), he will continue to foster the strong referral engine that provides Accountfully such quality clients and talent.



As Gene summarized the main bullet points of the conversation, it boiled down to three key takeaways:

  • It’s important to select the right talent, inline with the company values from the start
  • Onboard your new team so that you can offer a strong start and set them up for success
  • Continuous development that is personalized and empathetic is important to retain your talent


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At Accountfully, we believe that people are greater than numbers. This may sound a little different from what you're used to hearing in a world of accounting, but we think different is good, and good is what we set out to do when we started this adventure.  Take a look at our careers page for more information on our perks and open positions.

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