In episode 14, Marc wraps up the second of two interviews, where he and Brad dive into the world of equity crowdfunding.

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Marc Levit • ForecastEasy

The Month End Ep 14_IG (1) “... there's enough good to it [equity crowd funding] that it really is becoming a viable way for companies that are sort of in that half a million, to $3 million in sales, to get to the next level, and there's really appealing aspects to it.”

Marc Levit is the founder of ForecastEasy, a cloud-based forecasting tool founded in early 2021. ForecastEasy can guide strategies and goals for business owners and help them generate detailed reports for shareholders, banks, and potential investors.

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Episode Overview:

In episode fourteen, Accountfully's Managing Partner, Brad Ebenhoeh sits down with Founder of ForecastEasy, Marc Levit for a second discussion. We round out two in-depth interviews with a look into equity crowdfunding. Crowdsourced fundraising is a fairly new concept, but brings its own set of challenges inline with the benefits. Marc offers a look into how it all works, which types of brands benefit, and the three areas to focus on for your best chance at success.
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