In episode 16, we talk to an experienced founder in the CPG industry, David Crooch.  David tells us the story behind Ritual Beverage Company, a non-alcoholic alternative to your favorite spirits.  Learn how the company went from a casual conversation, to producing an award winning Tequila, to growing its exposure in a new category, one sales channel at a time.

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David Crooch • Ritual Beverage Company

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"Our Tequila just won a platinum medal with 98 points through BTI. That is crazy. It's the highest rated 'Tequila' they've ever rated. The highest rated spirit alternative of all time, and higher than any traditional real tequila. It's one of the top 12 items of thousands they've ever ranked. So very, very proud of the products."

David Crooch is the Co-Founder of Ritual Beverage Company, a fast-growing startup whose products aim to meet consumers’ growing demand for alternatives to alcoholic beverages. David is also the Founder CEO of Parks & Nash, a flavorful and gluten-free instant bone broth soup packed with collagen, protein, and vegetables.

For the past twenty years, David’s interest and knowledge in fitness, health and wellness, and nutrition, paired with his passion for building and scaling businesses, has allowed him to successfully start up and lead businesses in the intersection of nutrition, health and innovation.

In 2002, David started his entrepreneurial career when he founded Dynamic Biomechanics, a Chicago-based fitness, therapy, consulting, and educational company, and ran it for twelve years. Following this venture, David launched Crave Protein, an innovative and creative combination of chicken-based protein powders, that mixed the benefits of real food with the convenience of supplements, used within the fitness industry.

David is also the creator of Osteobroth, a brand that produced chicken bone broth made from USDA-inspected chicken with no added hormones, artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives or flavors.

David holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Oklahoma City University.

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Episode Overview:

In episode sixteen, Accountfully's Managing Partner, Brad Ebenhoeh sits down with Founder and CEO of Ritual Beverage Company, David Crooch.  He tells us why (and how) he and his cofounder - two cocktail enthusiasts - decided to launch a non-alcoholic beverage company; from initial conversation, to award winning non-alcoholic Tequila.  On the CPG business side, we take a journey through his detailed sales channel strategy and learn how he manages and plans for the margins of each. This is a robust episode full of inventory management and small business development knowledge-sharing that you don’t want to miss.

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