2020 has been a whirlwind year for everyone, especially business owners.  The Accountfully team shifted the resources game into overdrive; providing support and insight to help business owners navigate more confidently through the year's economic challenges. 

It was a lot to digest, so you may have missed some gems that could really help.  Here it is, all in one place - your in depth recap of this year's content:

2020 Content Recap

1-Nov-03-2020-09-16-12-82-PMOur top blog post performers of 2020 were:


Our top spotlights featuring a behind the scenes look at the Accountfully team and our clients:

2-Nov-03-2020-09-16-12-84-PMWe aired five episodes in 2020.  To listen, view and download show notes, you can visit the podcast page here.  Each video is posted on our website and on our YouTube channel playlist dedicated The Month End.  You can also watch previews on our Instagram TV page.

Jason Burke • The New Primal Molly Fienning • Red Clay Hot Sauce
Chris Crowe • Recess Kyle Koehler • Wildway

Meghan Rowe • White Leaf Provisions

Blog (1)Our latest guide for the investor debuted in 2020, as well as our very first eBook, geared toward the inventory based business owner.

The Inventory Handbook

the investors guide to outsourced accounting

This 15 page, easy to digest eBook dives in to how to best account for and manage your inventory to grow your business. This is a must read for any inventory based business owner wanting to better understand how they should be leveraging their biggest asset.

In this guide, we dive into why outsourcing the accounting of each portfolio company for the investor is a good plan.  We even venture to say it is the secret ingredient to ensure the investment's success!



3-Nov-03-2020-09-16-12-87-PMWe launched a weekly social media campaign addressing the frequently asked questions we see and provided answers, as well as links to articles that helped explain in more detail.  Our top FAQ's from 2020 were:

First of all, thank you to the Thunderbolts for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This has been a difficult decision, but we believe it is the right one. Weve had our ups and downs, but through it all, we forged


Deductions Management: What is It + The 5 Keys to Its Success

Selling in bulk can come some “bulky” down sides as well. What happens when there are customer returns, or products are damaged, or the retailer pays before the term of the contract and assume there is a discount owed because of this? A retailer may deduct these charges from the amount they owe you automatically. So how does a product company ensure they are not arbitrarily losing money they are rightfully owed?

Friday FAQ Sep 24

How to Better Manage Your Accounts Payable

No one likes paying bills. There’s so much grief surrounding the concept of owing money, but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Enter the concept of accounts payable, the fancy way of describing paying bills and managing the outflow of money. This encompasses payroll, debts owed in addition to regular payments for services, products and supplies.

how does outsourced accounting work_

How Does Outsourced Accounting Work?

If you’re a business owner resisting an outsourced bookkeeping and accounting solution because it sounds complicated, expensive and overwhelming, you’re in luck—it’s none of those things. A good outsourced accounting firm will simplify your bookkeeping processes, reduce your bookkeeping costs, and help you focus on your business. 

Friday FAQ buying inventory

Tips on Buying Inventory

It seems like it should be a no-brainer. You offer a product, consumers buy it, you restock, and the cycle goes on. Seems like a simple concept until you are juggling having enough cash to buy inventory to sell, launch a new product and maintain the business at the same time. Like most parts of running and growing a successful business, it takes planning. 


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For a chance to learn more and collaborate with fellow CPG business owners and industry stakeholders, join The Accountfully Alliance; our Facebook and LinkedIn groups:



Accountfully made the Inc. 5000 List for the second year in a row, and was ranked #6 out of the 20 fastest growing small businesses in South Carolina, by SC Biz News' Roaring 20's Awards.  We also let the world know how we expanded our inventory based services with an eBook, enhanced resources, and more client tools to help in their success.  All of our press releases, media and industry mentions, are now live on a dedicated "Press" page, which is updated regularly.


Blog (2)With COVID-19 changing the dynamic of the small business owner's operations on multiple levels, we answered the call by launching multiple webinars surrounding the SBA and PPP loan subjects and updates.  The amount of information was vast, so we launched a dedicated COVID-19 resource page to house all of the information in one place.  We made guest appearances on other webinars, events, and podcasts to help relay the important accounting side of managing the pandemic's effects on business.


We hope sharing our business accounting knowledge went a long way to help business owners get ahead this year.  Here's to a successful start to 2021!

If you need to look into an outsourced option for your business, it's just a quick phone call away.  Get started by telling us about your business and we will be in touch soon.

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