Well, that's a wrap, folks!  2021 is closing out, but not without another 12 months of amazing resources to explore and reminisce over.  We bolstered our content offerings and honed in on what our followers seek - simple accounting advice and lessons learned from fellow entrepreneurs that can applied to their business routine.  Our livestream series called Making Cents marked another first for us in content as we continued to provide unique accounting resources.  

It was a lot to digest, so you may have missed some gems that could really help.  Here it is, all in one place - your in depth recap of this year's content:

2021 content recap

1-Nov-03-2020-09-16-12-82-PMOur top blog post performers of 2021 were:


This year, we added two more types of spotlights to the mix: department spotlights that show the inner workings of department specialties within the company, and our first client with an active crowdfunding campaign.  Hercules Mulligan fans could read more about the company and its product, then become a part of it.  Here is a list of our 2021 spotlights highlighting the Accountfully team and some of our clients:

2-Nov-03-2020-09-16-12-84-PMThe Month End LogoOur own CPG podcast, The Month End kept the content rolling, producing an episode a month in 2021.  We made some enhancements to viewing and listening options.  Our Accountfully podcast page  became more user friendly, including links to show notes and relevant blog articles.  We also expanded our reach across all major streaming channels via Buzzsprout.  Buzzsprout also features easy-to-navigate chapter markers, as well as episode transcripts.

You can find The Month End streaming across your favorite platforms; from Pandora, to Spotify, iTunes, and more.    Each video is posted on our website and on our YouTube channel playlist dedicated to The Month End episodes.  You can also watch previews on our IGTV page. 

CPG Do + Don't Recap Series

If getting the highlights is more your style, we compile the quick reference version in a recap of the all important CPG Do's and Don'ts shared in each of these interviews.  These are released every four episodes:

The Month End Playlist on YouTube


Blog (1)The Digital Agency Handbook coverWe launched our second eBook in 2021, geared toward the Digital Agency and service based businesses.  It spawned our newest top blog article - Billable Rate Calculation.  Agency owners get a full eBook packed with how to's and best practices, complete with detailed spreadsheet examples of calculations and scenarios. 

If you are looking to maximize your efficiency and understand how to manage your time and efforts for max profitability, this is an incredible resource to have handy.  We've got your download link below:GRAB YOUR COPY

3-Nov-03-2020-09-16-12-87-PMMaking cents logo white nkgdThe accounting FAQ game got ramped up in 2021, as we launched Making Cents, our weekly livestream, answering accounting FAQs.  Not only are you getting them each Friday, but you are getting them in video form as well.  Each episode is saved to our YouTube channel playlist and our IGTV channel after they air. 

2021 FAQ Greatest Hits

tax messages GAAP FAQ bank account balance FAQ

Can You Do My Taxes?

What is GAAP Anyway?

Bank Balance Accounting?



IG reels

A lot changed in the social media world in 2021, especially in the video content arena. TikTok became a thing, and Instagram launched Reels.  We were excited to use Reels as a way to show snapshots into our culture, and highlight the events and volunteer activities we take part in. 

A few of our top reels featured:

Our top reel of 2021 was from our Fall Event in September.  It shows our Nashville office team as they arrive in Charleston, just in time for lunch, looking the true rockstars they are:

Culture Showcase Expansion for Job Seekers

With hiring and growth at the forefront this year, we bolstered our LinkedIn page, adding a Life tab that features Accountfully culture highlights.  Our careers page got a facelift too, showing more company features to potential candidates.

Our top posts from 2021:

125 moss wall

Moss Wall in Charleston

meet Meredith

Meet Meredith spotlight

020 HH Jan 2021

First happy hour in person


Growth Was the Common Theme

It's a three-peat for Accountfully, when it comes to the Inc. 5000 List.  We made the Inc. 5000 List for the the third year in a row, and ranked #12 out of the 20 fastest growing small businesses in South Carolina, by SC Biz News.  Inline with our growth, we reached a big hiring milestone, finally climbing past the 50 employee mark!

Blog (1)-1We made guest appearances on quite a few podcasts this year, addressing hybrid work, leadership styles, and hiring practices.  We co-hosted Ampla's debut webinar on business funding options.  A first for us (and definitely not a "last"), was our guest industry expert speaker spot helping emerging food brands understand common accounting needs in Ali Ball's Food Biz Whiz course.  

185.1 Repost of Ali Ball event-1 Arcalea podcast recap Podcast Recap The Importance of Numbers

Retail Ready Industry Expert

Arcalea Podcast

Entrepreneurial inspo and a great story on the Accountfully journey from its inception to now

TIG Talks Podcast

The Power of Numbers:  The Importance of Accounting in Business (great for CPG businesses)

podcast recap - hiring and developing talent 157.2 Brad on Autonomous Fireside Chat Ampla webinar recap

Growth Think Tank Podcast

How Accountfully manages a growing team, hiring and retaining top talent in the new hiring climate

Autonomous Fireside Chat

How Accountfully maintains its unique culture across two locations and manages a hybrid workplace

Ampla x Accountfully Webinar

We hope sharing our business accounting knowledge went a long way to help this year.  We will be here to help again in 2022, cranking out the content and sharing the knowledge for business owners everywhere to soak in.

• • •

If you are ready to enlist our help, we are just a quick email away.  Get started by telling us about your business and we will chat through your needs together.

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